Presentations & Testimonials


Here is a sampling of the conferences and workshops at which we have presented:

Trauma/Vicarious Trauma/Compassion Fatigue Workshops

  • National Association of Social Workers, Utah Chapter
  • University of Utah: PACE School of Social Work
  • The Children’s Center
  • Utah Neurological Institute (UNI)
  • University of Utah Counseling Center
  • Liberty Dialysis, Idaho
  • Veterans Administration, Salt Lake City
  • Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI)
  • Valley Mental Health (VMH)
  • Primary Children’s Hospital
  • YWCA Staff
  • Utah Rape Recovery Center

Conference Presentations

  • FUTURES without Violence, Washington DC
  • Autism Society (National)
  • Early Childhood Mental Health Institute, Anchorage
  • Utah Society of Perianesthesia Nurses (USPAN)
  • First Annual Compassion Fatigue Conference, Toronto
  • Generations Conference: 3 Sessions
  • Critical Issues Conference: 2 Sessions
  • Utah Bear River Aging Alliance Annual Conference
  • University of Utah Nurses
  • Utah Council on Domestic Violence Annual Conferences
  • Critical Issues in Children and Adolescents (2 sessions)
  • SWAVO (State Wide Advocates against Violence)
  • Utah Coalition of Caregivers
  • Utah Parents Association
  • Utah Association Home Caregivers
  • Utah Nurses Association (UNA)


Testimonials for a recent workshop for social workers from UT, CO, and ID:

Utah Council on Domestic Violence (UCDV) Annual Conference

Utah Council on Domestic Violence (UCDV) Annual Conference

We would like to see you for our team meeting -- our group is the Insurance management team...we could really use some techniques on stress management!

I love the way you connected the yoga so closely with the social work.

Presenter was approachable and down to earth. I loved the presentation of the brain/science research based in science.

It was a nice balance of thought and practice -- it reminded me of what I 'used to do' -- inspires me to practice to start up again. And I feel calmer than I have felt since last spring! Thank you! It was just great!! You have piqued my interest in the science side -- and the social work connection.

I would be very interested in the 8 hour session!

I really enjoyed learning about the science behind yoga. Breathing, connection with the breath and body.

It was helpful to learn that short term breathing techniques can be so effective. I look forward to incorporating this into my counseling practice. I will keep my eyes open for a full day seminar from you.

Thank you!! Very helpful. It is very timely for me!

Loved it! Would be interested in specific yoga info for pain, needle anxiety, depression, kidney patients, chronic illness.

Loved info about brain/body connection…would like more.

Enjoyed the experiential practices. especially the partner yoga, nice reminders how to incorporate yoga into my daily life and to introduce it to my patients and their families.

I would be interested in learning more about the science behind yoga.

Handwritten notes from the nurses at the U of U


  • Douglas Goldsmith, PhD., Executive Director, The Children’s Center, SLC.
  • Shelley White, LCSW. Director of the Wellness-Survivorship Center, Huntsman Cancer Institute.
  • David Emerson, E-RYT. Director of Yoga Services, Trauma Justice Institute, and author of Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga.
  • Farrina Coulam, LCSW. Professor, University of Utah School of Social Work.
  • Emily Bleyl, LCSW. Utah Chapter of National Association of Social Workers, Director, NASW Utah Chapter
  • Gina Hemma, LCSW, Women’s Program Manager, Utah Veteran’s Association. 801-582-1565 x 5423
  • Françoise Mathieu, M.Ed., CCC.  Toronto, CANADA.  Psychotherapist, Compassion Fatigue Specialist Kingston, On. K7L 1G8|  Tel: 613-547-3247|  Email:|