Yoga for Trauma Training Kit

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A NEW KIT about possibilities.

This kit is for:

  • Health care providers, clinicians, and parents

  • Any caring adult - you don't need to know any yoga

  • Staff trainings or use by individuals

The purpose is:

  • To offer you, as care providers, the tools to help children heal from trauma and to keep yourselves healthy in the process

  • To provide some background information yoga for trauma

  • To show you easy ways to use yoga as a healing tool for trauma and such trauma-related issues as violence, sexual abuse, accidents, and divorce.

  • To be able to start small - even with five minutes a day.

CLICK HERE for a 2 minute video on the kit.

The kit contains:

  • An instructional video (45 minutes)

  • A written script of the instructional video

  • Shanti the Monkey book: Yoga Makes Me Feel ... (available in English, English/Spanish, and English/French)

  • GreenTREE Yoga LittleTREE CD/DVD

  • Shanti the Monkey posters & coloring book (to be copied and shared)

  • Shanti the Monkey 5 x 7 flip chart

What people are saying:

Yael has created a wonderful resource for children and those who care for them. From the playful and intriguing illustrations to her careful attention to the insidious impact of trauma on young lives, Yael has contributed a healing tool that will have a tremendous positive impact for many. In her creative and joyful way, Yael reminds us that we do indeed have bodies and that while our bodies may have been the seat of some deeply impactful traumatic experiences they are also the place where we begin the process of healing.

— David Emerson, E-RYT. Director of Yoga Services . Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute. Co-author, Overcoming Trauma through Yoga: Reclaiming Your Body.

The incorporation of yoga into our Therapeutic Preschool Program has brought smiles to the faces of children who have experienced trauma. As they learn to soothe their affect through the use of Yael's brilliant yoga adaptations for children they have become calmer, more emotionally integrated, and less aggressive. Yael's work has literally helped our children re-discover the joy of childhood.

— Douglas Goldsmith, Ph.D. Executive Director, The Children's Center, Salt Lake City

Yoga Makes Me Feel ... is a wonderful tool to use when working with youth impacted by trauma. The captivating illustrations of Shanti, the fun-loving purple monkey, doing different yoga positions accompanied with its information on how to create a safe place, both in the body and in the mind, will allow children to begin the healing process. It will be a resource that will have a remarkable positive impact on many.

— DeAnna Griffin, MA, Product Development Coordinator, National Center for Child Traumatic Stress

Additional books and other support materials available at discounted prices. or 801-656-7885 for more information.

A Handbook Kit: Yoga for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma, Ages 3-8, and Their Care Providers  Price:

Format: Easy to use notebook of all written materials with all support materials (posters, flip chart, book, DVD/CD, coloring book: Prices include postage.

Trauma Kit.includes shipping


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