2018 Yoga for Salt Lake City Veterans


“It can be very difficult to stay in your own body when you're getting flashbacks, the lighting changes, and you feel like you're not even in the room.”— Sara

“Yoga is not about talking about your trauma. It's about you and your relationship to your body,”

— Van der Kolk.  (from Healing Life’s Traumas)

FREE Handout for Pain Management: Click Here More info on our Pain Program Click Here

"Practicing Yoga at the VA helps Woodi Manage her Pain" (3-minutes)

Read: Yoga: How We Serve by Give Back Yoga Foundation    p. 11: Our program in Salt Lake

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The VA Women’s, PTSD, Substance Abuse Residential, and Wellness Programs Present. FREE Simple, Trauma-informed Yoga classes. All ages, all sizes, and all abilities welcome. Choose to do yoga on a chair or a mat.

“I can finally feel my breathing. I could not before.  It feels really good.”

“I love the pacing of the class. It gives me time to stretch and to breathe…”

“It brings my anxiety and stress levels down tremendously! Thanks You!”

  • Help reduce your stress and pain

  • Reconnect with your body

  • Practice balance and build strength

  • Improve general wellness

Times: Check calendar to confirm class for specific days (click here).

Trauma-sensitive Yoga for Women Only  (Mondays 1-2 pm)

Simple Stretching and Breathing for Pain Management, mixed gender  (Mon and Wed 2.30-3.30)  WHY can this class help you? Click here

Place:  Pain Management class Mon 2:30 - 3:30 Salt Lake City VA and Telehealth to area clinics (ID, Nevada, UT)   FREE Classes taught by a certified female instructor: Yael Calhoun, MA, MS, E-RTY  MUST REGISTER through your provider at the VA.  Contact Yael with questions - 801-656-7885 (c).  or email greentreeyoga@comcast.net.

What veterans are saying about the pain management class


Comments about the Trauma-senstive Yoga Classes

“This is an excellent way to gently loosen yourself and get centered. The breathing I have learned has helped me with my anxiety on a daily basis. The stretching techniques have made my muscles feel strengthened! While I am here, I am able to get focused on the moment. Please continue this class!!”

“Yael has done a wonderful job. I have felt the changes in my body. I had been injured playing basketball and I recovered fast. I attribute the speedy recovery to yoga class. My blood pressure is going down and I notice my breathing patterns more and I’m able to correct them using yoga breathing techniques. If anything else, we need more classes.”

“It helped me relax, which I haven’t done in a very long time. I just started the class, so I hope it’s still here in January.”  

“I will definitely be back! Any of these yoga classes rock!”

“Since I’ve been doing this yoga class, I have less muscle cramps, less lower back aches and less stressful feelings.”

“I absolutely will come to more classes. This class is amazing -- So worth it!” (from someone who drives an hour to get to the class)

“That was amazing and I love it with my whole being! Thank you! - Love It!”

“Please keep doing this class. Yoga is so healing. It helps me connect with my body and become aware of where I hold the tension in my body. Thank you.”

“Excellent instructor”

“I feel this would of great benefit to me to continue after 10 weeks.”

“Yael is very good.  Her voice is beautiful and calming.”

“Outstanding, very useful.”

“Thank you!!”

“Nice tension reliever!”

“Yael did wonderful, Very peaceful class.”

“Awesome class, I feel I can handle anything that happens on the way home!”

“Thanks for giving the yoga class. No “Navy” pants!!”

“Love it!!”

“I need more strength training.”