Art and Yoga Curriculum

“ ... a creative and delightful resource ...
— Lori Krasny, M.S., CCC-SLP, Director of Autism Services, The Children's Center, Salt Lake City

“ ... directed toward fostering  relaxation, coordination, mindfulness and well-being.
— Louis Allen, MD, FAAP, Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics. Founder, AbleDifferently.

“Excellent job!  A great curriculum!
— Scott A. Anderson, E-RYT 500 Certification,

“ ... a state-of-the-art resource ... the program stimulates brain development, learning and skills that every child needs to succeed.
— Linda Chamberlain, PhD MPH, Founding Director, Alaska Family Violence Prevention Project

“Art and Yoga" concentrates on what a child can do ... A true success ... it encompasses all that is positive.”
— Shelley Schwartz, M.A.

The Yoga for Special Needs and Children with Autism Kit (ages 5-12) provides:


For teaching the yoga:

  • Detailed teaching tips with support materials
  • Script for yoga practice
  • Annotated script for yoga practice with teaching intentions
  • Shanti the Monkey flipchart (8.5 x 11 inch laminated)
  • Five Minute Yoga Breaks CD (CD and digital link for parents) 
  • Video will be available in Winter 2016!

Listen: (This will be available as a video in Spring 2016!)

For teaching the art:

  • Curriculum for six art classes
  • Templates for six art projects

For organizing and supporting the program:


  • FREE consultation for developing your program.
    • Yoga is a wonderful resource for this population because it's both intuitive and fun for all kids. Therefore, it provides a wonderful starting point from which to offer kids a way to self-regulate, to build physical strength, and to develop emotional resiliency.
    • Art. The art project serves several objectives. It reinforces the new yoga pose of the week. It also provides opportunity for sensory experiences because the art projects utilize a variety of materials chosen for their sensory appeal and diversity. The projects are designed to provide for the artistic needs of various art skills: the project can be done in a new and creative way or the project can be done as suggested to ensure success. The children take home a visually appealing project to remind them of the yoga pose of the week.
  • Parent comments on the benefits of the GreenTREE Yoga program:
    • One of my sons benefited from the motor planning and another greatly benefited from the breath.
    • Continued improvement of core balance in a non-therapy setting
    • Social interaction with other families
    • Relaxation breathing techniques
    • Motor Coordination
    • Following direction and imitating - this is huge for K. to follow direction and imitate with her body, she used to not even look at the person or have any interest in trying just up until about 6 months ago.
    • Learning relaxation techniques, especially ones to use at home and in school.
  • Namaste

Cost of Kit: $185.00