Spanish and French

Please enjoy this CD as you do yoga with young people in a classroom, in an after school program, or at home. Or, listen for ideas to teach your own yoga class. Mix and Match the longer sections to create your own yoga practice with kids of all ages. These ideas are based on the book (English) Create a Yoga Practice for Kids. 

Preview selected tracks for free below:

  1. Introduccion (3:05) 
  2. Calentamiento Preliminary (7:58)
  3. Tema 1: Opuestos y Suavidad (16:19)
  4. Tema 2: Equilibrio (13:44)
  5. Relajamiento Final (6:23)
  6. Intro to "5" Minutos de descanso (2:13) 
  7. Empenzando el dia escolar (5:50)
  8. Despues de Almorsar (4:16)
  9. Termino del dia escolar(4:37)
  10. Descanso para ganar energia (6:28)

Spanish Kids CD: Yoga para ninos y para el salon de clase

“The teachers at Mountain View are very excited by the students' response to the 5 minute yoga break. We are planning on making it a regular event this year.

— John Erlacher, Principal, Mountain View Elementary (a Title One School), Salt Lake City

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