Caregivers and Compassion Fatigue/Vicarious Trauma

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SELF-CARE Kit for Work: FLIP CHART and mp3s/Mp4s 

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Self-care Kit: $35.00.  NEW Product Price: $29.99

Free Shipping. Each additional Flip Chart $9.99.

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Additional Flip Charts

For the same 10 breaks: 1  Flip Chart, MP3s and MP4s (to use with each add'l flip chart purchased) 

Sample pages         Sample mp4

                                   7. Stretch and Breathe

                                   4. Get Unstuck


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Compassion Fatigue Webinar in Four Modules plus a Free Bonus Module.


This training kit is for anyone who is trying to recover from compassion fatigue or to build resiliency.

It contains: (all materials are to share with staff)

  • Four narrated video modules (15 minutes)
  • MP3 of each module, including bonus yoga break
  • Free bonus yoga break module (20 minutes)
  • Written text of each module
  • References and other support materials

Watch this 3 minute video for more information: CLICK HERE

Ideas for using the kit:

  • Show one module each week at a staff or team meeting.
  • Watch the modules yourself or with a coworker.
  • Show all modules together as part of a staff training or a staff retreat.

If you show it at a staff retreat, you may like to invite a yoga teacher to provide a “gentle” yoga class to the participants. 

Please contact Yael Calhoun at 801-656-7885 for free consultation on how to use the modules and free materials.

Simple yoga for compassion fatigue Training Kit

Retail:  $299.00  Sale through Dec 31, 2017 $199.00

Includes the free Yoga for Caregivers DVD/CD (digital form)

Yoga for Caregivers CD/DVD

Do you feel stressed? Do you need more energy? We can help.
Keep yourself healthy so you have more to give those who need you.

Learn simple stress management techniques for you and the person for whom you care.

No yoga mat – simple yoga for all sizes, ages, and abilities.

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Retail:  $30.00   Sale Price:  $15.00 + free shipping