Volunteer Opportunities

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
— Theodore Roosevelt


GreenTREE Yoga is grateful for all of our wonderful volunteers.
We have had folks donate a wide array of skills and talents -- both technical and teaching.
We work hard to make sure your volunteer experience is a good one -- we know your time is valuable and you want your efforts to count.

Please contact us if you would like to help with the following:

  • Teaching 5 minute yoga breaks in the schools -- you don't have to know any yoga, we'll train you! Click for information on our Classroom Volunteer training kit.
  • Publicity
  • Fundraising
  • DVD products
  • Yoga teachers: we have many populations we serve, even if you volunteer just one time it is much appreciated -- seniors, kids, caregivers, shelters, substance abuse recovery centers, after school yoga for teachers, and family yoga.
  • OR a great way to volunteer is to share something you love to do.

Please contact Yael at greentreeyoga@comcast.net or 801-656-7885 to explore the possibilities. Thank you for your support!

What our volunteers are saying:

“We started today! YEAH! They too are a great school and I feel so lucky to be working with them! All of the teachers and students were so thankful to have the yoga breaks. They were excited and welcoming and each class truly enjoyed the break that we shared Thanks Yael for everything. As your yoga breaks are a gift to these children- it is a gift for me to share them!
— Julie Iorg

 “The yoga breaks at Newman Elementary are going AMAZING! I honestly love the kids and the classes I'm working with. I honestly look forward to Thursdays so much because of these kids. They LOVE yoga and so many of them are coming up to me each day and telling me how they have been using it at home and before tests and stuff. Quite a few of my teachers have really grabbed hold of it and use it in their classroom on a daily basis, to calm their kids down, to help when there's tears, to help them focus, it's awesome. I honestly haven't had any problems. I'm going to be quite sad when this is over…I think I might be sadder than the kids when it's over.”
— Rachelle Ballard

“The smiles on the children’s faces and the light of comprehension that shines when you are able to share with them the incredible gift of yoga and the awareness of breath is the reason I volunteer.
 — Justin Krause

Volunteering for GreenTree has been such an amazing experience. It is SO rewarding to see the classes progress with their (short but sweet) 5 minute breaks. We get numerous comments about how yoga has helped during the school week; I had one little girl tell me she used the “count to feel better breath” before a test and it “REALLY WORKED!!” I am very grateful to be a volunteer for this program.”
 — Carissa Brandt