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Where: EMT Training Center, 1135 South  West Temple, SLC, UT  Workshop fee includes Self-care Kit (Flipchart/mp3 and mp4.  $30 value) 

Is this workshop a good fit for your self-care plan? 

Compassion Fatigue Workshops

Would you like to help your staff, your coworkers, or yourself address to cumulative symptoms of compassion fatigue? Trainings are planned in Salt Lake or contact Yael about arranging an on-site training. Details below.  Click here to join our mailing list to get more information. OR Contact Yael to arrange a conference presentation or workshop at your workplace. Options: You provide the site, individuals get release time and pay for the workshop or your organization can sponsor the program. Yael Calhoun 801-656-7885 or

University of Utah Nurses’ Retreat

University of Utah Nurses’ Retreat

Why GreenTREE Yoga trainings?

  • Internationally presented program.

  • Taught by certified, experienced teachers and clinicians who work in the field.

  • Incorporates trauma-sensitive yoga as a healing tool in your work and personal life.

  • Addresses the cumulative impact of compassion fatigue*.

  • Provides overview of current science, writings, and applications in the field.

  • Convenient choices of times

*Based on The Compassion Fatigue Workbook by Françoise Matthieu.

I loved the integration of knowledge with practice. I liked the references to so many resources. I liked that the class was so relevant to the field and stayed on topic.

— Jennifer Jenkins.

Well planned and well organized.  Applicable to a wide variety of circumstances. Nice balance of yoga and formal 'bookwork' (science).

— Alesa Van Dyke.

I really appreciated learning and practicing specific ideas and techniques so that the knowledge would be applied -- not just learned. The presenters were very knowledgeable in the field of yoga and in compassion fatigue and provided empirical evidence for application of practices. I love doing the yoga, it really helped me internalize the information...

— Jodi Mansfield

I appreciated information and discussion on referring people to a yoga class. I especially appreciated doing yoga in the class.

— Michael Olsen

Who will benefit?

  • Appropriate for clinicians, educators, healthcare providers, yoga teachers, and anyone interested in learning more practical skills for self-care and healing trauma.

  • CE credits will be available for clinicians (NASW), therapists, school teachers (USOE relicensure), yoga teachers (RYT Yoga Alliance recertification) for some or all of the modules.

Workshop fee includes Self-care Kit (Flipchart/mp3 and mp4.  $30 value)  Contact us to design a training at your worksite for CE credits.  Or, we can provide a location. Yael Calhoun  (c) 801-656-7885