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Would you like to take control of your day? Yoga for You is for people of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. Take a quick yoga break at work, school, at home, or offer it at a meeting. Whatever you are wearing is fine. Just release some physical and mental stress as you listen take an easy yoga pause. Be more productive, be more focused and relaxed, and be healthier.  Click Here for more on getting benefits from these breaks. 

Please check with your health care professional if you have any questions about your ability to do simple stretching and breathing exercises. Photos courtesy of Supreet Gill, RYT,  and Adriana Chimaras. (many thanks!)

1-Minute Anytime, Anywhere Stress Break

Listen to 1-Minute Anytime, Anywhere Break


1.  Calming: Seated Cat/Cow and Feel the Breath (5:05)  


2. Shoulder Rolls and Goal Post Breathing (5:33) 

Listen to Shoulder Rolls and Goal Post Breathing (5:33) 



3.  Reduce Stress: Seated Side Stretch, Twist, and Feel the Breath (7:45)




4. 'Get Unstuck": (3:29)  

5. The Counting Breath: (1:00)


6. Shoulder Rolls: (1:44)   


7. Feel the Breath: (1:00)  


8. Shoulder/Back Stretch: (1.29) 


9. Fist Release Breathing: (1.30)  


10. Sun Breaths (from Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga by David Emerson) (1:21)  free



11. 10-Minute Guided Meditation

LISTEN to 10-minute Guided Meditation 



Use these standing stretches and breathing tips to allow you to take control of your day by making yourself calmer and stronger. Do these at home, at the office, or as a group for a meeting break.


  • TREE Yoga Break (5:59) - VIDEO

  • Simple Yoga for Your Hands and Feet - VIDEO