Five-Minute Yoga Breaks:

Options: 1. CD Kit for Breaks for Special Needs and Autism 2. Kit for Volunteers to use in 6 Classrooms or Materials for One Classroom (K-5)


Comments about our 5-minute classroom yoga program in title one schools (2:00)


As teachers become more pressed for class time, the value of a simple tool for managing stress, increasing focus, and being physically active, increases.

Five Minute Yoga Breaks can help you achieve these goals. We have CDs for regular and CD/DVDs for special needs classrooms, afterschool programs, and Physical Education and Health classes.

GreenTREE has designed a program for grades K-5 and Special Needs/Autism.

  • Both students and teachers take a break

  • Helps students be more effective learners during class time

  • Builds yoga into existing school programs: classroom time, afterschool programs, or Physical Education or Health classes.

  • Helps students learn to self-regulate and manage stress

  • Builds teamwork and lifetime fitness skills

  • Builds focus and concentration

  • Increases strength and balance

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  1. CD/DVD Kit: Simple Stretching and Mindful Breathing Breaks for Children with Special Needs or Autism

CLICK HERE to enjoy free tracks or to purchase. ($19.99) Includes DVD/CD/Coloring Sheets/Ideas on now to use

2. Kit for School Volunteers: Five-minute Yoga Breaks

The kids LOVED the program, participated fully and kept the teachers on track for remembering to do the breaks. It was integrated in so many ways: before testing, during transitions, at the end of the day.... You name it!! Yael did a fantastic job creating a program that is easy to follow and incorporate into a school day, a must for all classrooms. And ... the teachers loved having the opportunity to take 5 during their busy day.

— Mary Beth Quick, Heart and Soul Yoga, Virginia

GreenTREE Programs Meet National PE Core Curriculum Standards (K-12).
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PRINCIPALS SHOW THIS SHORT VIDEO (7 minutes) at a teachers' meeting -- it includes a yoga break to allow you to see the interest level. CLICK HERE

Yoga can help students and teachers:

  • Calm down

  • Perk up

  • Focus and concentrate

  • Relieve stress and build teamwork

  • Be more positive about learning

  • Smile!

No yoga mats needed. You don't have to move furniture, clean off the desks, or take off shoes! Just take a break. And be confident your program will be successful.

Bring this program to 6 classrooms for 8 weeks using a volunteer who does not need to know any yoga. The Kit includes all materials for one school, one school volunteer, and six classrooms:

  • CD downloads: Five-minute Classroom Yoga Breaks

  • Volunteer Training Video

  • Volunteer Information Packet

  • Principal/Teacher Information Packet

  • Business Sponsor Information Sheet*

  • 2 sets of Posters (12x18 inch Bee Breath and Tree Pose)

  • Laminated Classroom Door chart

  • *Ask a local business to sponsor the program. It's tax-deductible.

Listen to the Introduction & Two Breaks Now

  • Shanti the Monkey Coloring Book

  • Instructions on how to keep the program going by having teams of older students from these classes, acting as the volunteers, then do the yoga breaks with younger classes.

  • Stress Break Support Materials:

  • Teacher Information

  • Home Breathing Card

  • Note to Parents

    Ask a local business to sponsor the program. It's tax-deductible.


Comments after the program!

What an amazing opportunity to volunteer while having so much fun! The kids are amazing. They are so excited for the Yoga Breaks. They love the chance to move, to feel the control they have over their body and breath, and to be a little silly and have fun at the same time. Each 5 minute break has become precious to me. Thank you GreenTree for the chance to help my community with the power of Yoga.

— Sunnie Howard, GTY Volunteer

GreenTree Yoga's PE provides Jackson Elementary students with an opportunity to focus on developing healthy bodies and minds. ... Yoga has been a wonderful approach in promoting healthy lifestyles for all of our students.

—  Sandra V. Buendia, Principal, Jackson Elementary

Our teachers say yoga breaks are great when transitioning to the next subject or whenever we need a fun break. And they help reduce anxiety and stress before a test or quiz!

— Heidi Kunzler, Principal, Uintah Elementary School

CLICK HERE for information on purchasing options: 1. Training Kit & Materials for 6 classrooms: $210.00 2. Training Kit & Materials & Volunteer (Salt Lake area): $310.00 3. (1) Set Classroom Materails: $45.00