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Fall 2019 Workshop Schedule:  Simple Stretching and Mindful Breathing for Pain Management

12:30 - 5:00. (4 NASW CEs and 4 YA CEs) Friday Oct 25th: Salt Lake City (register below)

 Learn now to teach simple stretching and breathing (yoga for pain management) to patients, clients, and yourself. Based on GTY programs at the Salt Lake VA and with refugee groups.

Why would you want to learn how to teach pain management? These women may give you some ideas.

From Veterans at the Salt Lake VA: “I am amazed at the ease of movement,” JP (Vietnam Vet)

“I love learning about how to move in better ways and all the ideas on managing my own pain. The breathing has been key for me,” LM, Nurse, Vietnam Vet

“It’s all about the breath, really has helped me,” TM Vietnam Vet

“I am with my body now, before I wasn’t with my body,” Iraqi refugee.

“I can’t believe I am saying this, but right now, at this moment, I am not feeling any pain.” Vietnam Vet at the end of a class.

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UTAH EMT Training Center, 1135 South West Temple, SLC,UT Space Generously Donated. Please contact Yael with any questions on the cost. Oct 25th Workshop $52.00 Registration cost includes this Flip Chart, mp3s and mp4s to share ($30.00 value).

100% of the proceeds go directly to our Refugee Program! Many thanks for your support.

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         Simple Stretching and Mindful Breathing (Yoga) to Manage Pain (Physical & Emotional)

Download this free handout. Click here.

How much do I have to do? 

Even one minute of mindful breathing or simple stretching has benefits. The more you practice, the better you can manage your pain.

What can help me manage my pain?

Control your Breath

      Why?  It can lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension.

      How?  Take 5 breaths with long, slow breaths out.

Release Muscle/Emotional Tension

     Why? It can decrease pain in the body and in the mind by interrupting

                 the stress cycle in the brain.

     How? (1) Simple stretching               (2) ‘Tense and Release’ exercises

Find a Better Way to Move

          Why? Not moving often makes pain worse. Tight muscles can press on nerves

                        and unused joints can dry out. So even very small movements have benefits.

           How? If moving hurts, try a different way so that muscles can stretch gently

Strengthen Core Muscles

      Why?   Making core muscles stronger helps to keep your spine in good alignment

                      so the bones do not press on nerves.

       How?  Do simple core exercises, both seated and standing (balance on one leg).

Keep Breathing When you Feel Pain or Tension

      Why? Holding the breath causes us stress and our muscles can tighten.

      How?  (1) Do core exercises and practice NOT holding your breath when you feel discomfort.

       (2) When you feel pain, take 5 breaths with long, slow breaths out.

Be Ready with Your Simple Plan                                                                                                

  Why?  A short, simple stretch or a 5-part breath may interrupt the stress cycle in your body and mind. How?  Choose a 2-minute simple stretch or breath that you like. Next time you start to feel physical or emotional pain, say to yourself: “Oh, there is that pain (or uncomfortable thought). I know what to do.”

Always check with your health care provider to see if this program is right for you.

Please do not continue a stretch if you experience tingling, burning or numbness.

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Questions: Contact Yael Calhoun           801-656-7885 (c) or

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